JOVEL here! I'm from the Philippines by the way. I'm a biology student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

I'm just your typical anime and manga otaku. I'm also fond of yaoi so I'm warning you I'll be posting some. I also like One Direction but I'm not a part of their fandom. I just like their songs and their handsome faces.

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these arrived in the mailbox today :3 I’m so freaking happy :3 

I thought I didn’t need any Atsushi but apparently I do, look at them sexy bastards radiate sexual tension toward each other

btw those Hetalia figures came from marikukitten, she’s currently “selling stuff to make room for more stuff”, I know I snatched away France, America and Italy but hey she has more so definitely check her blog out :3

anyway today was a good day, increased the number of figures on my car key up to 22 (haven’t put them Mukkuns on yet so I’ll post a picture later, urgh my boss gonna roll his eyes at me again for this)

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Kenichi Suzumura,
Character Song SOLO SERIES Vol.16


Murasakibara Atsushi - Monologue

English Translation

Oh! Hey, this is pretty good! They’ve been releasing a lot more limited-edition snacks lately, huh? Some of the flavors are really out there, but I’ve gotta at least try them all. But, you know, it’s one thing if the flavor’s a dud, but what if it’s a hit? Even though I know I’ll want more, they’ll replace it with a new limited-edition flavor before long, and I won’t be able to buy the old one anymore. What’m I supposed to do about that? Even if I wanna go out and buy more right away, I might have to go to practice first, or Murochin and the other guys might make a fuss about how I’m eating all the time. Oh?


I’m out of snacks. I think I’ll go buy some more before Murochin and the others get here.


The Kiseki no Sedai revolves around Kuroko XD

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