JOVEL here! I'm from the Philippines by the way. I'm a biology student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

I'm just your typical anime and manga otaku. I'm also fond of yaoi so I'm warning you I'll be posting some.

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People always stab each other in the back, and school’s full of jerks hunting for the next target. They assign roles like they’re playing house and play nice. I don’t want to be friends with those people.

tokyo ghoul:re pv
tokyo ghoul:re pv

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∞ list of favorite characters  永近 英良 | Hideyoshi Nagachika 
"Listen up. When it comes to dates, you have to pick a place that excites the girl.”

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⊰♞⊱.. I am your death

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thank you for these six years, kuroko tetsuya!! (& fujimaki-sensei!!)

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"I am a ghoul."


D o n ’ t  L o o k  t  M e  - TOKYO GHOUL

Smiling Kaneki 。◕‿◕。